MY/CG is a digital journal focused on sharing an uncommon view of the Caribbean - one issue, one island at a time. Authored in a personal tone by the editor and founder, Lisa-Marie, MY/CG is a gateway to the Caribbean that features a curated mix of original stories, unique moments, and special places. 

Photojournals, essays, short films, styled posts, Op Eds, and the occasional feature interview are published to the journal - all with original content that's completely written and shot, on location. At the end of each issue, MY/CG draws to a close until the time comes to embrace another island. Past stories will always be available through the journal archives and memories from the Caribbean are shared via Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook until the opening of another issue. MY/CG is an invitation to explore.


Lisa-Marie Harris | Editor + Founder

The Old Outdoor Kitchen, Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens.
Grand Cayman.

An Art History researcher, travel-enthusiast and West-Indian native from Trinidad & Tobago, Lisa-Marie is the publisher and founder of the Amsterdam-based  Au Courant Studio, a multidiscliplinary space for creating across Fashion, Art + Media. MY/CG is her take on the Caribbean.